Picture from: “RNG for Women”

From:  Forbes

“Everyone knows that celebrities who slink down a red carpet have had their clothes, makeup, jewelry, handbag and hair vetted by a professional stylist. Stylists like Rachel Zoe and Robert Verdi have become famous enough to land their own cable TV shows. But there’s an entire branch of the business of styling that never appears at a movie premiere or Oscar ceremony. Female executives and entrepreneurs–and the just-plain-busy or those in need of fashion guidance–often turn to stylists to improve or update their look and wardrobe.

“I think anyone who is part of corporate America in a leadership role has a responsibility to look professional, interesting, well-tailored and act as a role model for other women,” says Bernadette Kenny, head of human resources for staffing giant Adecco. Kenny, who updates her wardrobe semi-annually, has employed a stylist for the past 15 years and buys directly out of designers’ showrooms. “[Fashion] is not my strength,” she says. “This way, it requires very little thinking on my part.”

Executive women will also hire stylists just for special events or when they might appear in the media. A fashionista’s finesse can also help when a woman is making a transition from one industry to another.”


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