I can’t forget Riad Hamad, No one who hears about Riad Hamad will forget

I remember when Riad Hamad’s body was fished out of a Texas lake.  When the news described that he was duct taped eyes, hands, feet- I thought it sounded like a mob hit.  We don’t have mob in Texas, I don’t think, so I figured it was a drug deal gone bad.

Three years later, I found out who the man was.  The man was Riad Hamad a man who sent books to Palestinian children and sold purses made by Palestinian women.

Last year, when I found out about Riad Hamad I posted an interview he did.  I can’t find that interview.  I think he left behind many videos of his cats playing on youtube, probably for his students as he was a Teacher.

This morning I read a comment that reminded me of Riad Hamad.  I keep being reminded of him.  A few months ago, someone gave me a bumper sticker from when he had his charity to help Palestinians.

It makes me mad that people killed him.  If he was a bad person like the Zionists say, then they would not have killed him, they would have convicted him.  But NO, they killed him because he helped the people who the Zionists try to destroy.

I saw a video where an IDF character kills one person carrying the Palestinian flag and another person comes along and carries the Palestinian flag, the IDF kill that person, then another person comes along and picks up the Palestinian flag and so on.

This is true.  When the Zionists kill people who help the Palestinians more people join the cause.  One seed falls to the ground, more is harvested.

I can’t forget about Riad Hamad.  I am reminded of him by others.  We don’t forget Riad Hamad.

I will say this, Jews did not know what they were up against.  Fortunately, Palestinians do.  By the Grace of God, Palestinians live and declare the works of the Lord.

We live in a time of redemption.  All people have a chance to know God, not just one group.  Interestingly enough the people who try to keep others from God, are the people who pretend to know God.  But there is no wickedness in God.


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