War is Greed

I was trying to have a frothy blog because of Obaby’s ndaa.  But here I am posting articles on those who have been murdered for the sake of vengeance, greed, racism, evil.

Ayub, Riad Hamad, and the Afghans who were brutally murdered touch my heart.  It is weird, just because we have technology and are highly militarized we assign ourselves more value than those who have less.  I am sure God does not see that way.

I think the Iraqi children are so beautiful, so also the children of Afghanistan and all children around the world.

I want to say this, I don’t believe the Staff Sergt. blamed for the attacks was necessarily the culprit.  It is possible that the Staff Sergt. is a victim himself, a patsy.  I do believe the reports from Afghans that more than one person was involved.  It is possible that Staff Sergt. knows too much.

The military was too quick at coming up with a person to accuse.  How could they have done an investigation so fast?  It makes me suspect the Staff Sergt. is just someone they did not like, especially since he was new to the group.  I think we must keep in mind not to believe everything we are spoon- fed.

I do believe what someone wrote, that the attack may have been motivated by revenge for the troops lost in the Quran burning incident.  It would not surprise me.

A Veteran that I tried to help cope with ptsd admitted to me that he killed people in Iraq who he was wrong to kill.  I think this happens more than some might want to admit.  I suspect the guilt from taking innocent blood is behind some severe ptsd issues.

I think in the realm of war, some people act in ways that are against the values we say we have as a society.  I think it is time we are honest with ourselves about what our troops are doing, for the sake of the people they come in contact with and for their own mental health well-being.

I saw videos where former IDF people said that it was common for people to leave the country for a while, after having served in the IDF, as a way of trying to get past their experience of being an occupying force.

War is Greed.  In most cases, it is.  Both troops and civilians have suffered the affects of greed.


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