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Abu-bakr Rauf


“An indvdual hs nt strtd lvng untl he cn rise abv th  nrw cnfnes of hs indvdualstc cncrns to th broadr  cncrns of all humanty. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Bradford, UK      ·          http://www.bradfordpsc.org.uk       

I did not know my blog was going to become a place for tributes for those who have passed from this life.  I just found out that this gentleman passed today of a heart attack while distributing leaflets to help people.

Abu-bakr Rauf tweeted me in response to a tweet I sent during a trend for Khader Adnan.  We had a little discussion back and forth over the merit of relying on oneself vs. God.  Abu-bakr Rauf pretty much told me he relied on himself.  I told him I relied on God to move mountains.

I pushed follow thinking to follow him, even though we disagreed with each other he was a gentleman and I respected him.  I admire that he worked to help people.  I quickly unfollowed, thinking that it would be too forward of me to follow him.  (I typically don’t follow men, unless they follow me first, unless it has something to do with surfing legends.  I know I am silly.)

I wish I would have followed Abu-bakr Rauf and continued our discussion.  I wish I would have gotten to talk to him more.  He told me he used to believe in relying on God.  (paraphrased).  I wish I would have sought to understand what happened to change his thinking to be so independent minded.  I wish I would have gotten to know him better as a person.

It was just like he was someone I debated with on the internet.  I typically pray for people I debate with if they are nice.  I don’t remember what I prayed, I am sure I prayed for his salvation.  I trust God with Abu-bakr Rauf.  Rest in peace Mr. Abu-bakr Rauf.

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