I needed some silliness

With so much sadness in the world, my bff and I had a Kardashian watching party.

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.”  I think it is important to stay positive and happy.  I like silliness, so here is a silly video that I like.

I saw this video: I like how Kim is dressed 50s style retro.  I like this song.

I did not think anything about Kim K. until I saw her on the cover of a magazine.  I had to know if her behind was augmented, so I started the “Kim Kardashian Watch” on a previous blog.

Recently, I had to follow some people to get a new twitter so I followed Kim K.   I found out that she seems like a nice person and tends to be gracious in the spot light.  I give Kim K. credit for being pleasant.

Most stars make me want to run screaming, but Kim K. is pleasant and seems kinda down to earth.  I will say this, with all the tough things going on in the world I appreciate Kim’s frothy tweets.  I am not going to let the world get me down.


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