I am liking this win/win situation

I like this picture.  I call it a “Female King David”.  Picture from:  unveilinghope.com

I had a confrontation with a dude recently who tried to intimidate me by standing in front of me to block me walking past.  I told him to move in the “Name of Lord Jesus Christ”.

(I learned the power and authority in the Name of Jesus Christ from the Christian Zionist preachers.  Sadly, the Christian Zionists are the only ones I have found who are teaching faith.  A lot of others are teaching Christians to be downtrodden and broke.  That is NOT God, but satan deceiving Christians.  Jesus paid the price for us all to be “free from sin, sickness, demons and fear”.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36  Jesus is just God incarnate who kicked satan’s booty by tricking satan. 🙂  )

Anyway, once I mentioned “the Name”, the dude looked around looking for someone to mock me.  Either no one around was paying attention to our confrontation or they chose not to participate with him.

It is funny to me, the dude tried to intimidate me by standing in front of me, because I think I was a little bit taller than him.  Trying to intimidate people only works if the person is taller I think.

It is odd to me that he was looking for someone to mock me because I mentioned Jesus Christ.  How wicked is that?  I will mention Jesus Christ till the day I die.

I fell in love with God incarnate- Jesus- when I was a little girl because Jesus treated women and children with respect and love.  Jesus did not treat Mary as a second class person, but as an equal to the men when she wanted to sit and listen to him teach.

I find it amusingly nice.  If I am on this earth I am feeling love for Jesus.  If I am dead I will be following Jesus around like a groupie.  Either way, I am cool.  But the wicked’s only hope is that there is no God and that life will end after death.  That is the wicked’s only hope.

I will paraphrase “South Park”:  If those who say there is no God are correct, then no loss.  If those who say there is a God are correct, then those who deny God have a big problem after death.

I don’t have anything to fear in death, but those who are wicked do have to fear death.

I will sing and praise the Lord as long as I live, and after that I am hoping to have a face to face conversation with Jesus.  It is a win/win situation.


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