Proverb 29:25

“Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.”

Preachers always compare trusting God to a child trusting a parent.  I think that is an accurate analogy.

It is hard for people, because all our lives there has been tv and internet telling us all this stuff about satan.  But satan is like a bad Jay Leno and very much like Bill Maher, talking a bunch of stuff via movies and shows.  satan just promotes fear in movies, shows, etc.

We don’t get to hear about God’s love and protection in living everyday life.  We have to seek out truth about God.  satan uses the media to tell people he is greater, but he is a liar.  God is Greater than satan.

God is trustworthy and well able to protect.  I have to remind myself not to fear the wicky whacky, but to trust God.  The Lord is well able to protect when our trust is in Him, and not man or ourselves.

It is a life long learning experience to trust God.  But the Lord is like a parent watching over, giving wisdom to make good decisions and avoid bad decisions.  God is there, my hope is in Him, my trust is in Him.  Like a parent ready to catch if ever one falls.

So many times the Lord has protected me from dudes and from people who have tried to hurt me.  It is a learning experience, the more I see the Lord protect, the greater my trust in Him.

I don’t fear the wicky whacky, God is Greater than the wicked.  God is a loving parent.


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