Corset Training- Yes, women are “corset training” in 2012, apparently.

I was reading Kim Kardashian’s blog.  Someone mentioned “corset training” to make the waist smaller.  The person mentioned “Doris Mayday” who admitted to corset training.

Doris Mayday “Admitted that she’s enhanced her curves thru corset training.  Doris waist-trains with corsets from Bad Attitude which allows her to shrink her waist down to 22 inches!”

I found out that Doris Mayday is a model for Pinup Girl Clothing (  I have been to their website before, because I love the 50’s retro look.



Picture from:

I found out that Doris Mayday goes overboard and only wears clothes and shoes from the 50’s and has her home in 50’s furniture.  (  But I think the idea of corset training is interesting.  I just did a little research on corset training.


The Reshaped Waist Because the lower five ribs are not attached to the sternum (breast bone), the human torso can be shaped by various techniques to produce a waistline of desirable and alluring contours.”

I think I will buy a corset online and try and see what happens.  From the illustration at the above website, it looks like corset training rearranges the lower insides.  I am up for that.  It would be cool to have a 22″ waist.

I don’t know, I am silly.  I want to look super hot for when I get married.



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