One Salad A Day

Now that I have posted a recipe for thin crust pizza, I would like to share a website I learned about from PBS.  I saw Dr. Fuhrman (  ) on PBS pledge drive talking about the hazards of the “American diet” and talking about how veggies can improve health.

My mom and I often talk about how eating veggies is good, but it has been hard to get excited to eat veggies, until now.  On the PBS show Dr. Furhman talked about how the American diet might be behind many of America’s health problems.  He talked about how people in countries that do not eat the American diet do not have the health problems common in America.

Dr. Fuhrman even stated that research shows that eating onions and mushrooms can help prevent cancer.  Also, Dr. Fuhrman stated that research shows that eating veggies coat blood vessels so plaque won’t stick in the blood vessels.

I am a big believer in staying healthy.  I think to learn from what Dr. Fuhrman said.  I am motivated now to eat more healthy.  He suggested eating more berries and seeds as well.

Dr. Fuhrman suggested having one salad every day.  I think that is a good idea.  People had discouraged eating salads saying that some  salad dressing have as much fat as a hamburger.  Then I heard another person say that even if people use those salad dressings, at least people get the benefit of the veggies.

I am sold on eating one salad every day.  I think it is a good idea.  I encourage everyone to check out Dr. Fuhrman’s website and join me in eating more healthy- eating more veggies, berries and seeds.


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